Olympus Pen FT x New York part 2

Another collection of shots from my beloved Olympus Pen FT.
I’m really hoping to be able to go back here soon for more shots.

Tools: Olympus Pen FT + Kodak Ektar01910036 01910035


apparently I rarely show up in my own travel photos. so here’s a double01910033 01910032 01910031 01910030 01910029 01910028 01910027 01910026 01910025 01910024 01910023 01910022 01910021

totally miscalculated the brightness on The Met rooftop. Should’ve looked like this
http://instagram.com/assss__01910020 01910019 01910018 01910017 01910016 01910015 01910014 01910013 01910012 01910011 01910010 01910009 01910008 01910007 01910006 01910005 01910004 01910003 01910002 01910001

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6 thoughts on “Olympus Pen FT x New York part 2

  1. Great to meet another film user. That camera looks like a fun camera to use. Great photographs

  2. Looks exceptional for half frames I thought.

  3. the only setback is the lens I think. the only lens that i use is the 38mm which is equivalent to 55mm in full frame. Can’t go too wide or too zoomed with this camera

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